New Populus project by Studio Gang in Denver

Studio Gang has announced the new Populus project, a vibrant new hotel and social center in downtown Denver. Created with local real estate company Urban Villages, this first Studio Gang project in Colorado is located at a major corner site near Denver’s Civic Center Park. Connecting Denver’s civic, artistic, and commercial neighborhoods, the sculptural building opens to the neighborhood on all three sides, welcoming visitors and residents alike.

The name Populus

The building derived its name from the scientific name of an indigenous Colorado poplar tree (Populus tremuloides), which was also a source of inspiration for the weaving and rhythm of the building’s façade.

As Jeanne Gang said:

The particular windows represent an essential interface between interior and exterior and expand the hotel rooms to the city and beyond to the Rocky Mountains. Their distinctive shape is inspired by the iconic trees of the Colorado tremulous poplar, whose branches produce “eyes” on the surface of the trunks.

Pioppo tremulo
Il pioppo tremulo

The windows bring dramatic scenic sense to hotel rooms, giving guests immersive views of the nearby Capitol, Civic Center Park, and mountains in the distance. At the base of the building, windows grow up to 9 meters high to frame entrance gates and views in the lobby, restaurant, and shared service spaces.

Populus a Denver di Studio Gang
© Studio Gang

The windows are also designed to operate efficiently in Denver’s climate. Outside, the “canopies” of each window extend outwards according to the solar orientation to shade the interior, improving the energy performance of the building. They also channel rainwater to keep the façade healthy over time.

In some rooms, windows also become employable, turning into seating or desks that bring guests closer to the outdoors.

© Studio Gang
© Studio Gang

The 13,000-square-foot, 13-story mixed-use building includes hotel rooms and a public rooftop green terrace enriched with lush local greenery.

Construction of the Populus building is expected to begin by the end of the year with completion expected in 2023.

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