Entrepreneur’s reading list #2

Frameworks for Startup Ideas

Erik Torenberg explains how you can methodically come up with startup ideas and systematically work your way through them until you find the one you should pursue. 10 min

Once you appreciate that you can methodically evaluate startup ideas, the other thing you realize is that this process can be rapidly accelerated by sharing your ideas and getting feedback from others — particularly customers, but also founders/investors..<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="https://eriktorenberg.substack.com/p/frameworks-for-startup-ideas" target="_blank">READ NOW</a></span>

What exactly is marketing ops?

Ashley Friedlein in 2017 identified marketing transformation as a hot topic. He said this could include integration of digital marketing, the introduction of a CCO (chief customer officer), bringing teams back in house, assessing supplier relationships, zero-based budgeting and marketing ops. 3 min

The area that I find most interesting is the idea of ‘marketing ops’: the operating system for marketing. This is one effective way of keeping focus but also dealing with complexity and delivering operational efficiency. Just as IT has ‘dev ops’ it makes absolute sense to me that marketing needs ‘marketing ops’. Marketing is adopting ‘agile’ from the world of tech (incorrectly in many cases, but still…) and could do well to adopt ‘ops’..<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="https://econsultancy.com/what-exactly-is-marketing-ops/" target="_blank">READ NOW</a></span>

How to enter the mind of your customer: A two-step guide

What author Guy Thornbury-Phillips suggests is that all of us wear rose-coloured spectacles and think our product is ‘innovative’, ‘disruptive’ and ‘the future’. All well and good but to be successful, we need to separate ourself from the dreamland.4 min

Your customers are the people who use your product. They don’t care if you’re ‘breaking boundaries in the tech space’. They just want to use your product and receive value. Otherwise, their 20-second attention spans will remove all memory of it…<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="https://uxdesign.cc/how-to-enter-the-mind-of-your-customer-a-two-step-guide-a8499840c8f" target="_blank">READ NOW</a></span>

Taking Back Our Privacy

Can our privacy and the internet get along? Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of the end-to-end encrypted messaging service Signal, is trying to make things right39 min

Marlinspike does not take credit for the growth of Signal in the twenty-tens. “I think it’s possible to look at technology in the same way that Marxists would talk about history, as this thing that has its own agency and force and inevitability,” he said. “It’s this thing that’s just happening, and you’re moving with it.” …<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/10/26/taking-back-our-privacy" target="_blank">READ NOW</a></span>
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