Chemolli Fire specialists in testing, certifications and fire doors


International consultants, to improve your fire fighting systems and make them safer

Chemolli Fire is a team of professionals specialized in the testing and certification of construction products: from sandwich panels to naval doors with particular expertise on civil fire doors in wood, iron, or stained glass.

Over the years, strong international expertise in the field of design and experimentation has developed. Chemolli Fire consultants are always close to customers to improve their locking systems and to make them safer.

The consultancy starts from the analysis of needs and the customer’s idea, follows the design applying the correctives related to the required performance, continues during all the phases of experimentation in the laboratory, up to the documentation of the results.

Fire resistance

Chemolli Fire Systems is support for fire-resistant and sound-insulating locking systems: it includes accessories, panels, and doors.

The main operational areas concern: fire resistance (with regulations, EN, BS, NF, UL, FM), GOST, Middle East, Sound Isolation, CE Marking, Fire Reaction, Durability, as well as IMO-FTP Code naval tests.

More than 700 tests have been carried out for the different regulations. These tests can be followed by the implementation of certification systems, also related to the destination country.

The assistance also covers the procedures necessary to carry out or extend tests in other countries (Middle East, United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, United States, Russia, Australia) offering total support in case of inspections.

Very high control standards

Some tragic events show that it is crucial that a building is fire-proof.

Chemolli Fire also provides advice regarding roofs, walls, ceilings, using one of the most recognized certification services worldwide, with a focus on the preservation of goods: FM Approvals test laboratory and certification body of Factory Mutual Insurance Company, which has inside the insurance company FM Global, the largest dedicated exclusively to commercial and industrial properties in the world.

Even in Europe and Italy, very high certification standards are increasingly required, to be applied roofs, systems mounted on roofs, walls, windowing, anti-flooding systems, and seismic products and the so-called “sandwich” panels.

Not just fire doors. The importance of smoke-tight fixtures

Not only fire, but smoke is also a great danger to one’s own safety in the event of a fire. Recently, the Italian legislator has also introduced the fume tightness of the windows: smoke-tight doors, in fact, allow to gain valuable time during the exodus, which can also happen more neatly.

Chemolli Fire has not been unprepared for this new legislation and has also introduced in its know-how the tests for smoke-tight doors: they can take place at room temperature – in this case, the leak must not exceed 3 cubic meters per hour linear joint meter – or at 200° (20 cubic meters per hour of loss for doors at one door and 30 for two-door doors, not related to the length of the joints).

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