Laminate machining process automation equipment

Powser Brakes Load Cells tension controller

Laminate machining requires automated processes and automation requires a range of equipment designed to optimise production and reduce times, costs and risks.

Re Spa has been designing and manufacturing laminate machining process automation equipment since 1974.

Laminate machining products

Pneumatic brakes, electromagnetic powder brakes, tension controllers, load cells, web guiding system, expanding shafts, safety chucks, friction shafts, machanical chucks.

Powder brakes and powder clutches are electromagnetic devices that provide precise, quick-response tension control for light tension applications. Powder brakes also known as magnetic particle brakes are quiet alternatives to friction brakes, and are ideal for clean environment situations.

Web tension has an important role in the sectors of converting, paper and carton board, aluminium foil, textile, wire and cables. Tension control and regulation are necessary to keep constant the desired web tension, avoiding the possibility of material breaks in any phase of web processing.

Load cells are an automated devices used for force measurement applied on an object through an electric signal.

Web-guiding systems are used in the converting industry to position flat materials, known as webs, before processing. They are typically positioned just before a critical stage on a converting machine. Each type of web guiding system uses a sensor to monitor the web position for lateral tracking, and each has an actuator to shift the running web mechanically back on course whenever the sensor detects movement away from the set path. Actuators may be pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, or some kind of electromechanical device. Because the web may be fragile — particularly at its edge — non-contact sensors are used. These sensors may be pneumatic, photoelectric, ultrasonic, or infrared. The system’s controls must put the output signals from the sensors in to a form that can drive the actuator.

Web guiding systems work at high speed, constantly making small adjustments to maintain the position of the material. The latest systems use digital technology and touch screen operator interfaces to simplify set up. Web guiding systems are used on slitting machines, slitter rewinders, printing presses, coating and laminating machines.

Re is a world leader in the production of pneumatic brakes and tension controllers. Catalogue offers a wide variety of equipment for the laminate machining process, including a vast range of load cells, electromagnetic powder brakes, web-guiding systems for aligning the laminate, print check video-inspection systems, expanding shafts and mechanical chucks for web handling, and rotary unions for transferring fluids.

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