Automatic tool changer

Automatic tool changer CFT

An automatic tool changer with high capacity loop storage

The new tool change system, CTA 20 HSL with magazine has been specifically designed for small work centers and especially for machine tools for the processing of watches and jewelery.

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    This new product responds to the need, generally felt on all C.N. machines, to increase tool storage capacity, so as to grow versatility with the minimum amount of time required to re-equip the machine during production change.

    In fact, if in the past maximum storage capacity of 30-40 tools were common, now capacity of up to 80-160 tools is often required, even in small machines with very limited spaces.

    From these assumptions, CFT Rizzardi, a company specializing in the production of tool changing systems, has started for the study and the subsequent patent of a tool magazine, which can be configured using all available spaces on the machine both on a flat surface and on orthogonal planes them or with sloping ceilings.

    Of course, the shape of the base plate will have to be customized for each application, while otherwise will be used standardized elements suitably tailored to your needs.

    Another advantage of this storage system is that the toolholder bushes are not tied to one another by chain, but are independent. This peculiarity allows us to move the bush with the tool selected for the exchange, transferring it or rotating it by 90° as needed.

    The system consists essentially of:

    • 1 cam exchanger, which performs a mechanically synchronized movement of engagement, extraction, exchange and simultaneous introduction of tools into the spindle and in the storage driven by a single self-braking gear motor;
    • 1 quick-release clamp arm type BP with mechanical drive;
    • 1 s-shaped ring storage unit, where the tool lugs are moved by toothed wheels driven by a servomotor. The bush with the selected tool can be folded or translated as needed with a pneumatic cylinder.
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